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FAW-Volkswagen produces its 28 millionth vehicle

gojilin.gov.cn | Updated: July 5, 2024
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FAW-Volkswagen's 28 millionth vehicle rolls off the production line in Changchun. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

Auto manufacturer FAW-Volkswagen celebrated its 28 millionth vehicle on July 3 with a new-generation Magotan model pushed out at its plant in Changchun – capital of Jilin province – making it the first passenger car producer in the country to achieve the milestone.

Currently undergoing a significant transformation, FAW-Volkswagen is said to have made substantial strides in its new energy product development, digital transformation and with innovations in its business model.

The company is viewed as having achieved breakthroughs with its Jetta electric platform in key areas such as electric drives, battery management and thermal management. Additionally, the first hybrid model featuring the self-developed TQ200 dual-engine transmission has successfully rolled off the production line, marking FAW-Volkswagen's entry into the hybrid era.

Starting in 2026, the auto giant will introduce multiple self-developed electric and plug-in hybrid models.

As a model of Sino-German joint ventures, FAW-Volkswagen has set numerous industry benchmarks and is often held up as playing a pivotal role in Volkswagen Group's "in China for China" strategy.

Over its 33-year history, FAW-Volkswagen has expanded from one brand and one product to three brands and over 30 models – including both fuel and new energy vehicles.

The growth is said to have significantly boosted the national economy, created nearly 500,000 jobs and contributed over 700 billion yuan ($96.31 billion) in taxes.