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Northeast China promotes joint tourism development

gojilin.gov.cn | Updated: July 3, 2024
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A sweeping view of Changbai Mountain's Tianchi Lake in the region. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

Northeast China is mounting a push to promote its tourism development and on July 1 its new policy, the Decision on Promoting Collaborative Tourism Development in Three Northeastern Provinces and One Region was implemented.

The legislative initiative aims to provide legal support for premium-quality tourism development in the region.

The document comprises 16 articles that highlight the distinctive features and strengths of tourism resources in Northeast China.

By leveraging these resources, it outlines clear development goals and paths, promoting the sharing of resources and the growth of the regional tourism industry.

Focusing on coordination and the creation of joint implementation mechanisms, it is said to address the need for robust cross-regional cooperation.

Moreover, it is establishing development mechanisms, implementing collaborative measures and enhancing the foundations for joint development – in a bid to boost the overall competitiveness of the region's tourism industry.

Under the policy, Jilin province will work closely with Liaoning province, Heilongjiang province and Inner Mongolia autonomous region to oversee its implementation.

Efforts will include updating the Jilin Province Tourism Ordinance and ensuring legal frameworks are aligned across provinces to create a favorable environment for collaborative tourism development.

Overall, Northeast China is already viewed as having a strong history of existing tourism cooperation, with solid foundations and vast potential.

Moving forwards, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will implement further measures to harness the region's ice and snow resources, integrate premium tourism resources and strengthen safety and service systems, to ensure the execution of the new policy.