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Colorful Jilin: Cultural tourism promoted in Paris

gojilin.gov.cn | Updated: June 7, 2024
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A sweeping, splendid view of Changbai Mountain's Tianchi Lake. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

A Changbai Mountain-themed photography exhibition – held on June 3 at the China Cultural Center in Paris, France – attracted a great deal of attention and raised the profile of the region on the international stage.

Located in Northeast China, Jilin province – where the mountain is located – is known far and wide for its vibrant seasons and rich cultural heritage. The Changbai Mountain Global Geopark was even approved as a UNESCO Global Geopark on March 27 this year.

The photography exhibition featured 54 stunning moments of colorful Jilin, captured by photographers from China and France.

UNESCO Deputy Director-General Qu Xing highlighted Jilin's rich natural and cultural resources, noting that many of its cultural and intangible cultural heritages were listed by UNESCO. He emphasized the importance of continued collaboration with Jilin to promote education, science and cultural development there.

The event offered an immersive cultural and tourism experience, including the vibrant Korean Farmers' Dance – a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage item – and intricate Manchu paper-cutting and dough figurines.

China Cultural Center officials were jubilant about the positive response to the promotion. "The center will further promote cultural exchanges between China and France, providing a platform to share the stories of China and Jilin," said its director, Liu Hongge.

In the first quarter of this year, Jilin's inbound tourism saw a remarkable increase, with the number of visitors soaring by 897.9-percent year-on-year and an 842.2-percent increase in revenue.

Located at 42 degrees north latitude, Changbai Mountain shares the same "golden powder snow" latitude with the Alps and the Rockies – two meccas for skiing fans – making it a top destination for skiing and winter tourism.