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Jilin becomes symbol of strong ice, snow province

gojilin.gov.cn | Updated: January 26, 2024
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Zhao Lanju. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

Zhao Lanju, deputy to the Jilin Provincial People's Congress and general manager of Lake Songhua Resort, expressed the province's commitment to become a pioneer and benchmark in implementing the "Ice and Snow Silk Road" and "Ice and Snow Strong Province" strategies.

It aims to make greater contributions to the development of Jilin province's ice and snow industry.

Since the start of the new snow season, Jilin, known as "China's top skiing destination" and one of the "world's three major powder snow skiing resorts and ice and snow tourist destinations", has continued to gain recognition both domestically and internationally.

Zhao introduced that Lake Songhua Resort, as a significant ice and snow enterprise project in Jilin, has adopted a development model that is driven by both ice and snow tourism experiences and year-round tourism. By integrating ice and snow tourism with summer eco-tourism, the resort has created a new operational pattern that is applicable throughout the four seasons. The resort has become a favored tourist destination for visitors year-round and has won the title of "Best Ski Resort in China" for seven consecutive years.

Looking ahead, Zhao stated that the resort will focus on Jilin's goal of developing a 1-trillion-yuan ($139 billion) ice and snow tourism industry, enhancing its summer leisure tourism industry, expanding its ski resorts, and diversifying its vacation formats. It will also continuously innovate and develop new ice and snow products, enrich high-quality tourism offerings, and enhance the quality of its tourism services.