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Jilin's icy landscape attracts global Gen Z

By Liu Mingtai | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: December 17, 2023
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The event Discovering Changbai Mountains: Embracing Jilin's Winter Wonderland with Global Gen Z opens on the Changbai Mountain on Dec 16, 2023. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

In recent days in northern China, temperatures have fallen precipitously, but in Jilin province fervor for ice and snow is rising. To advance the high-quality development of Jilin's ice and snow economy and promote friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign youth, the event Discovering Changbai Mountains: Embracing Jilin's Winter Wonderland with Global Gen Z opened on the Changbai Mountain on Dec 16.

This six-day event is jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Jilin Provincial Committee and China Daily, and organized by 21st Century Media and Education. It beckons global Generation Zers to diverse locales across the province, immersing them in the culture of ice and snow, indigenous folk customs and majestic natural scenery. Its aim is to acquaint young people in China and beyond with the diverse regional cultures and myriad winter activities in Jilin, showcasing the province's abundant ice and snow tourism resources to both domestic and international audiences, thereby elevating the global allure of Jilin's icy landscape.

Jilin boasts abundant ice and snow resources and is renowned worldwide as one of the foremost skiing havens and a premier destination for ice and snow enthusiasts. Its unparalleled natural assets have made it an alluring destination for travelers worldwide.

During the event, a dialogue and exchange with the theme "Youth drive: empowering global promotion for world-class ski resorts" will unfold. Global Gen Z guests will discuss Jilin's ice and snow economic development, cultural exchanges among youth, sustainable growth of the ice and snow economy, the cultural diffusion of Jilin's icy landscapes and more. The aim is to transform Jilin's ice and snow resources into a thriving economic sphere and to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones between Jilin and the rest of the world.