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Changbai Mountain Hunting Resort

Updated: November 14, 2023
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[Video provided to gojilin.gov.cn]


An awesome aerial panorama captures the natural, idyllic beauty of the Changbai Mountains Hunting Resort, located at the northwest foot of the main peak of the Changbai Mountains in Northeast China's Jilin province. This majestic place is a national 4A level tourist attraction. [Photo/Changbai Mountain Release]

changbaishan 5_副本.jpg

A high-altitude swing in the scenic spot is a must-see. The forest coverage rate in the area is as high as 95.5 percent and the negative oxygen ion content is nearly 30,000 per cubic centimeter. [Photo/Changbai Mountain Release]

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The resort offers water rafting, allowing visitors to gently float by haunting rime-covered forests. [Photo/Changbai Mountain Release]


A small and elegant sika deer looks out for trouble in the Changbai Mountains Nature Reserve. [Photo/Changbai Mountain Release]


An inspiring view of the resort showcases the dreamlike nature of the country, now covered by delicate rime in the Changbai Mountains. [Photo/Changbai Mountain Release]