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Italian expat calls for Sino-Italian cultural exchanges

gojilin.gov.cn | Updated: October 31, 2023
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In recent years, as Jilin province continues to open up and develop, an increasing number of foreign experts have come to study, work and live there. Gradually integrating into the local community, they not only appreciate the unique customs and cultural heritage, but also find personal fulfillment and forge deep friendships with the local people.

Enrico Sartori, associate professor at the Music College of Northeast Normal University, arrived in Changchun, Jilin in 2017 from his hometown of Turin in Italy.

He noticed many similarities between Changchun and his hometown, such as their proximity to mountains and numerous ski resorts. Enrico also observed that young people in Jilin are showing a growing interest in music, a trend that he believes will continue to thrive in the future. Enrico hopes to see more opportunities for cultural exchanges between the youth of both countries.