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Intl auto show opens to much fanfare in Jilin

gojilin.gov.cn | Updated: July 17, 2023
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The highly anticipated 20th China Changchun International Auto Expo kicks off at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changchun, Northeast China's Jilin province, on July 15, unveiling a spectacular showcase of 151 participating brands and over 1,300 exhibited vehicles. This 10-day event promises to offer an enthralling automotive extravaganza to the city's residents and beyond. [Photo by Tian Jiaxin/For gojilin.gov.cn]


A booth for Bestune at the auto expo, July 15. At this year's auto expo, China FAW Group, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have all participated with their own exclusive pavilions, showcasing their latest car models and brand culture. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]


A Hongqi H9 is on display. From sleek sports cars to environmentally friendly electric vehicles, the exhibition will cater to diverse interests and leave attendees enthralled with glimpses into the future of the automotive industry. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]


An area for the Mercedes-Benz Simulated Driving Experience is set up at the expo. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]


Hongqi car models are on display at the auto expo, July 15. [Photo by Tian Jiaxin/For gojilin.gov.cn]