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Parade celebrates 70 years of change

By Liu Mingtai in Changchun and Zhou Huiying | China Daily | Updated: July 14, 2023
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Seventeen trucks made by FAW Jiefang Automotive Co drive through Changchun, Jilin province, on the occasion of the carmaker's 70th anniversary. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Seven generations of beloved domestic truck bring back many memories in Changchun

Even a few weeks later, Li Kai still feels a thrill when he remembers the moment he drove his Jiefang J7 truck in a parade in the city of Changchun in Jilin province on June 26.

The event was organized by FAW Jiefang Automotive Co, a subsidiary of the China FAW Group, a leading automaker based in Changchun, to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary. The parade was formed of 17 trucks, ranging from the first generation FAW Jiefang CA10 truck to the latest generation FAW Jiefang J7. As it wound its way from FAW Jiefang's first factory, passing city landmarks such as Culture Square and People's Square, the parade attracted a lot of attention.

"After the parade notice was published, we received a warm response from the public, especially from drivers of our trucks," said Zhang Guohua, deputy Party secretary of FAW Jiefang. "The 17 trucks, including five from the first generation and two from each of the other six generations, awakened the memories of different generations of drivers, as well as their enthusiasm and sincerity."

Li, 42, runs a transportation company in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province. "When I received the invitation from FAW Jiefang about a week in advance of the event, I was busy transporting goods in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region," he said. "I immediately began my return journey because I didn't want to miss such a significant event."

Li drove his Jiefang J7 from Mudanjiang to Changchun on June 24 to prepare for the parade. "My father and some of my other relatives were also truck drivers, so I had plenty of contact with large vehicles as a child, and was really interested in becoming a driver," he said. "My parents weren't keen because they viewed it as a hard job that required a lot of travel to other places."

After graduating from junior high school, Li trained to be a chef, but he never forgot his dream of driving a truck and so in 2005, he quit and joined his father. Seven years later, he started his own transportation company and purchased his first truck — a Jiefang J6.


A Changchun resident touches a Jiefang truck on display after the parade. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Today, Li has six trucks, all made by FAW Jiefang.

Last month's parade was not the first time he had participated in an event organized by FAW Jiefang.

"I have been in contact with the company since 2012, and have been giving them feedback on the user experience," he said. "Before the Jiefang J7 officially went on sale in 2018, I was invited to road test it. This latest generation has been greatly improved in terms of design and comfort."

In 2016, Li was nominated a "Gold Evaluator" by the FAW Jiefang Technology Center.

"My trust in Jiefang comes from its quality and constant improvements, which have helped me make more money," he said.

"I'm sure the company will make even more reliable products and provide even better services to supporters like me."

Established in 1953, FAW has become a leader in industrial revitalization and makes an important contribution to regional economic growth.

China's first domestically made vehicle, the Jiefang CA10 4-metric-ton loading truck, rolled off the FAW assembly line on July 13, 1956, marking the first real step taken by the indigenous automobile industry, and ending the country's lack of manufacturing ability.

From the CA10 to the current high-quality, high-performance, high-end, heavy-duty models, Jiefang has undergone a 70-year process of development.

After they returned to the factory, the trucks were put on display, with many members of the public taking photos of them and reminiscing about the past.

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