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In pics: Nenjiang Bay Tourist Area in summer

Updated: July 29, 2022
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A panoramic view of the Nenjiang Bay Tourist Area, covered in lush greenery in summer. Located in the county level city of Da'an, administered by Baicheng city in Northeast China's Jilin province, Nenjiang Bay was formed by a natural turn in the Nenjiang River, which starts in the Greater Khingan Mountains and runs from north to south. [Photo/Jilin Daily]


An aerial photo of the Nenjiang Bay Tourist Area in Da'an city. The tourist area is on its way to becoming a national 5A-level tourist attraction. [Photo/Jilin Daily]


An example of local architecture, featuring elegant pavilions, is pictured in the tourist area. [Photo/Jilin Daily]


Nenjiang Bay is rich in natural resources, with wonderful wetland ecological characteristics and a large number of animals and plants. [Photo/Jilin Daily]