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Have a bite to eat in Baishan city

Updated: July 8, 2022
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The food in Baishan city, located in Northeast China's Jilin province, is distinctive.

Not only does it boast authentic Northeast China cuisine, but it also embraces Korean-style flavors and dishes with the characteristic Manchu sticky taste.


A ginseng dish from Baishan. Ginseng is known as one of the three treasures of Northeast China. The other two are the fur of the marten – a weasel-like mammal that lives in the region – and pilos antlers, which provide an extract used in traditional Chinese medicine. Photo/WeChat account of Baishan Tourism]


Yalu River fish features in some of the more delicious dishes of Baishan city. [Photo/WeChat account of Baishan Tourism]


Spicy Chinese cabbages produced in Baishan city provide a splash of color on any table. [Photo/WeChat account of Baishan Tourism]


Korean cold noodles are always popular, both in China and abroad, with soba noodles being the most famous of all. The ethnic dish uses a beef or chicken broth base and includes spicy cabbage, sliced meat, eggs, cucumber and pear strips. The noodle is supple and the soup is cool, with a tart, spicy taste. [Photo/WeChat account of Baishan Tourism]


A Baishan meal is served. [Photo/WeChat account of Baishan Tourism]