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Indonesian students thank Jilin uni

Updated: June 15, 2022
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Indonesian students take part in performances to celebrate Teacher's Day at JISU. [Photo/Jilin International Studies University]

Indonesian students expressed their love and gratitude to Jilin International Studies University (JISU), where they have studied and lived for four years, as their graduation nears.

Three Indonesian youngsters – Lin Meiyi, Su Huina and You Ziyin – came to JISU to study via grants issued by the "Silk Road" Chinese Government Scholarship.

In 2018, with a strong interest in Chinese culture and fantasies about the "winter wonderland", they decided to major in tourism management in Jilin. 


Lin Meiyi displays an ink and wash painting. [Photo/Jilin International Studies University]

To give international students a better understanding of Chinese culture, the university has set up Chinese culture courses, allowing international students to learn Chinese language, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese ink and wash painting, and traditional Chinese cooking, learning how to make moon cakes, dumplings and rice dumplings.

In addition to campus activities, they represented the school's international students and participated in various activities and competitions in Jilin province targeting international students.

Su Huina was awarded the 2020 "Chinese Government Outstanding International Students", which is one of the most important awards awarded by the Chinese government to international students in China.

After graduating, the three students will continue to study Chinese and find jobs in China. In the future, they said they hope to specialize in exchanges between Indonesia and China.


Su Huina participates in the Study in China: International Students Reciting and Dubbing Competition. [Photo/Jilin International Studies University]