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In pics: Baishan city bathes in glorious spring color

Updated: April 24, 2022
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A gentle and tranquil scene is captured in Baishan city, in Northeast China's Jilin province, celebrating the ravishing spring color currently to be found there. [Photo/Baishan Release]


An aerial picture depicts a majestic view of fields outside Songling village in Baishan city. [Photo/Baishan Release]


The wake of a fishing boat splits the reflection of overhanging trees, on a river in Baishan. [Photo/Baishan Release]


Rainbow-colored fields now adorn the slopes of Songling village in Baishan. [Photo/Baishan Release]


Casting his net, a fisherman is pictured on a river in Baishan, Jilin province. [Photo/Baishan Release]


Sunlight filters gently through a pristine forest in the Baishan region. [Photo/Baishan Release]