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Jilin-1 satellite facilitates smart forestry development

Updated: December 3, 2021
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[Video provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

Forestry resources are one of the most precious natural resources in China.

With the development of science and technology, the range and depth of the satellite's remote sensing technology in forests have gradually expanded, providing a strong guarantee for the protection and management of forestry resources in the country.

By relying on the Jilin-1 satellite, Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co, a high-tech company based in Changchun, capital of Northeast China's Jilin province, has developed a series of service products including forestry resource distribution and monitoring, forest fire detection and monitoring, and tree disease and harmful insects detection and monitoring.

The company has made full use of satellite remote sensing, big data, artificial intelligence technology and other methods to build a service system for intelligent monitoring and intelligent management of forests.