Suspension and dropping out of school

Updated: July 26, 2021
  L M S

International students can complete their studies in phases. The maximum length of schooling (including suspension) shall be prescribed by the institution of higher education. The international students that apply for suspension or are required by the institution of higher education to have suspension can suspend their schooling upon approval by the institution.

During the suspension, international students are not allowed to seek employment or engage in other activities unrelated to recuperation in China, or engage in any activities violating Chinese laws and university rules. Otherwise, their qualifications for resuming study will be revoked. The international students shall apply to the institution for resuming study with relevant documents a month ahead of the expiration of the suspension and can't resume study unless being approved by the institution after the review. The students that suspend schooling due to illness shall take valid medical certificates issued by the hospitals designated by the institution or equivalent hospitals which can prove their recovery to be reviewed by the institution when applying for resuming study.

The international students who suspend schooling shall not apply to be admitted to other institutions of higher education and the institution shall not go through transfer formalities for them.

International students shall drop out of school under one of the following circumstances: (1) their academic achievement doesn't meet the requirements of the university or they haven't completed their courses within the time specified by the university (including suspension); (2) upon the expiration of suspension, they haven't applied for resuming study within the time limit specified by the university or their application is not approved after the review; (3) they are suffering from a disease or accident disability which disable them from continuing their study in the university according to the diagnosis by the hospital designated by the university; (4) they have left the campus and haven't participated in the teaching activities specified by the university for two consecutive weeks; (5) they fail to go through the registration formalities at the university beyond the prescribed time without good reasons; and (6) they apply for dropping out of school themselves.

The decision on international students' dropping out of school is determined by the president meeting. The institution shall issue a written decision on their dropping out of school and deliver it to the international students dropping out of school, and meanwhile report it for the record to education administrative departments at the provincial level of the region where it is located and the Ministry of Education as well.