Rights and obligations of international students

Updated: July 26, 2021
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Some of the rights of international students are:

(1) Participate in the activities arranged in education plan of the university and use the education resources provided by the university;

(2) Participate in community service, take part-time job, organize and join in student societies on campus and engage in sports and entertainment;

(3) Apply for scholarships, grants and student loans;

(4) Get a fair evaluation in terms of moral character, academic achievement and other aspects, and obtain corresponding diplomas and degree certificates after completing the course stipulated by the university;

(5) Have objections to the sanction or punishment imposed by the university, make complaint to the university and education administrative departments; make complaint or bring a lawsuit if their legitimate rights and interests are infringed by the university or faculty;

(6) Other rights stipulated by laws and regulations.

International students have obligations to the school and the society, including:

(1) To comply with the China's Constitution and the Basic Law;

(2) To comply with university rules;

(3) To study hard and complete the required courses;

(4) To pay tuition fee and relevant expenses, and fulfill the corresponding obligations concerning obtaining student loans and grants;

(5) To comply with student code of conduct, respect teachers, and develop good moral character and habits;

(6) Other obligations stipulated by laws and regulations.