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Yanji Folk Custom Amusement Village

ejilin.gov.cn | Updated: August 10, 2016
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The Yanji Folk Custom Amusement Village is in the Mao'er Mountain Forest Park and consists of a folk customs village, a water park, a dining area, a pear garden, and a forest villa site, where tourists can appreciate some traditional Korean sports, such as the swinging, wrestling and spring-boarding. Or they can make glutinous rice cakes and savor various Korean snacks or watch 20 Korean girls dancing and jumping in the air. Or they might stumble on some swing sets at the corner of local courtyards that remind them of their childhood, or watch a Korean art show. And, when night falls, the snowboard playground becomes the site of a bonfire party, where Korean girls dressed in the traditional pink hold a porcelain plate and dance to Arirang music played by accordion.

There are photos of guardian angels in the front of the village entrance to bring peace, harmony and a good harvest. There is also an advanced entertainment facility with Korean classical and European architectures. The village is in a mountainous, river landscape that integrates natural beauty and modern life and is a local Korean paradise. Not far away, there is a rare stone exhibition, a racecourse and ski resort and Mao'er Mountain is home to Korean folk custom parks and the perfect place to understand the Yanbian customs. There are also circuses that perform there and, during holidays, the Koreans dress up to the nines in their native finery and celebrate.