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Beihu Wetland Park

ejilin.gov.cn | Updated: August 10, 2016
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Changchun's Beihu Wetland Park was also known as Northeast China's Urban Ecological Wetland Park. Its name was given by the State Forestry Administration. The park sits in the southwest of the Changchun High-Tech Zone, close to the Yijianbao railway bridge to the north, the Sihuazha bridge to the south, the Beijing-Harbin railway to the west and Yuanda Street to the east.

The park was named a national 4A tourist attraction on May 29, 2014.

It has 10 scenic spots:

The dynamic city zone: The scenic spot is close to the core area of the high-tech zone and acts as an urban greenbelt. It holds various art activities and offers services for leisure and recreational activities.

The special plants landscape zone: It carries strong traditional culture and features distinctive plants and landscape sceneries in North China, such as green willows and peach blossoms in spring and sugarbush and birch forests in autumn.

Wetland sightseeing zone: It retains original pond and abundant aquatic vegetation and has added other varieties of plants for tourists to appreciate.

Holiday leisure area: It's surrounded by lake islands and an elegant state guesthouse.

Sports center: It features natural shorelines and willows, creating spring scenery. It's an ideal place for the public to do outdoor activities.

Lake islands scenic spot: It has vast and graceful lake scenery. A wetland museum was built by taking advantage of local unique geological conditions. The museum has been a landmark in the area.

Creative and leisure zone: It introduces water and creates an ever changing water street. It's an ideal place for cultural inventions and leisure and recreational activities.

Traditional folk custom zone: It has transformed existing villages and connected various ponds to form a winding reef stream. Tourists can experience local folk customs and enjoy outdoor activities.

Ethnic group village zone: It's on an island surrounded by water, and gives tourists a private space with a beautiful environment. It’s an ideal place for leisure, sightseeing and recreational activities. The zone features various ethnic buildings, upscale clubs and a large green area.

Ecological restoration zone: It contains artificial wetlands to purify wastewater and offer clean water to the lake area. The zone has become a model for restoring the ecological environment of the wetland park. It also integrates science education and wetland supervision.