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    Jilin province villages to be national leisure destinations

    Updated: May 25, 2022

    Eight villages in Northeast China's Jilin province were recently selected on a list of China's beautiful leisure villages, according to the Jilin Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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    Nanshan Tourist Scenic Area

    Updated: December 7, 2021

    Located in Siping, Northeast China's Jilin province, the Nanshan Tourist Scenic Area is a national 3A-level scenic spot, covering an area of 18 square kilometers.

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    Yehenara City

    Updated: September 1, 2021

    Yehenara City is located in the south of Siping, Jilin province, only 30 kilometers away from Siping city. Yehenara City has a long history and was called "Yehe State" in ancient times.

  • Muqing Valley Scenic Spot

    Updated: September 1, 2021

    Located in Yitong Manchu autonomous county in Jilin province, Muqing Valley Scenic Spot is a high-level tourist attraction based around Shaman culture that integrates northern folk culture, ecological tourism, leisure, dining and entertainment.