Siping city acts to sharpen up its business environment

Updated: January 30, 2022

Siping city in Northeast China's Jilin province has accelerated improvements to its government functions and has made every effort to create a comprehensive, first-class business environment, according to local media reports.

By using five streamlined methods for direct cancellations, declarations commitments, data queries, department verifications and notifications commitments, Siping has reportedly achieved "no certificate" processing.

In order to streamline normally complex procedures, cut back on bulky documents and materials and reduce lengthy periods for handling registrations and other affairs, new service measures have been introduced.

To establish a business, market entities now need only to submit an application online through the Echuangtong system and the entire thing can be done on the internet. The minimum processing time is two hours.

In addition, a free seal carving service is being provided for newly established companies in the city.