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    Jilin debuts tourist train linking East, South China

    Updated: March 30, 2023

    Northeast China's Jilin province launched a special tourist train linking East and South China, with the debut train Y64/1 departing Jilin city on March 26, carrying 684 passengers.

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    Changbai Mountains, Yanji city get high-speed rail service

    Updated: August 31, 2022

    Some 200 people from cultural and tourism businesses, journalists and tourists boarded a bullet train in Yanji city that was bound for the breathtaking Changbai Mountains, marking the launch of a special high-speed rail service on Aug 27.

  • Scenic Changbai Mountain gets high-speed rail link

    Updated: December 24, 2021

    Bullet train trips to the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area in northeastern China's Jilin province are now possible after a new high-speed railway line opened on Friday.

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    Changbaishan-Dunhua section of Shenyang-Jiamusi HSR starts trial operations

    Updated: November 4, 2021

    The C1315/4 EMU train departed from Changchun Station on Oct 29, bound for Changbaishan Station, marking the start of trial operations of the Changbaishan-Dunhua section of the Shenyang-Jiamusi High-Speed Railway.

  • Transportation

    Updated: August 19, 2021

    Changbai Mountain is located on the border between China and North Korea. Its west half belongs to China and the east half to North Korea.