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    Jilin boosts development of 100b-yuan rural tourism sector

    Updated: October 16, 2023

    Northeast China's Jilin province is fostering and building the rural tourism industry as a cluster worth over 100 billion yuan ($13.68 billion) – creating immense opportunities for its development in the region.

  • Experts: Transit port to bolster regional growth

    Updated: May 17, 2023

    China's move to add Vladivostok in Russia as a cross-border transit port for domestic trade shipments from Jilin province will further bolster economic growth in its northeastern region, trade and logistics experts said on Tuesday.

  • Baishan city experiences sound economic development

    Updated: September 2, 2022

    Baishan city is currently on a roll, with the metropolis said to have effectively coordinated its epidemic preventions and controls with its economic and social development.

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    Jilin province boosts burgeoning blueberry sector

    Updated: July 18, 2022

    In Northeast China's Jilin province, farmers have been expanding their incomes by increasingly growing blueberries – responding to incentives and new policies that have been rolled out.

  • Jilin province launches 20 measures to ensure employment

    Updated: May 10, 2022

    Northeast China's Jilin province recently launched 20 measures in six areas to stabilize employment and growth, targeting key groups such as college and university graduates, according to local media reports.

  • Baishan issues action plan to develop business entities

    Updated: April 27, 2022

    Baishan city – located in Northeast China's Jilin province, has issued a three-year action plan aimed at developing and strengthening its business entities – ranging from sole traders, to partnerships and large companies.

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    Groundbreaking of 64 projects takes place in Baishan city

    Updated: March 7, 2022

    Construction work on 64 major projects, costing a combined 14.3 billion yuan ($2.27 billion), kicked off in Baishan city after a commencement ceremony was held on Feb 28.

  • Baishan opens service window for trademark business

    Updated: December 10, 2021

    An acceptance window for trademark business at the State Intellectual Property Office has recently officially started operation in Baishan, Northeast China's Jilin province.

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