Baishan city experiences sound economic development

Updated: September 2, 2022

Baishan city – located in Northeast China's Jilin province – is currently on a roll, with the metropolis said to have effectively coordinated its epidemic preventions and controls with its economic and social development.

As a result, the city's economic operations are on an overall sound footing and seeing a rising development trend, according to local media reports.

The city has carried out 17 field demonstrations for reducing the levels of chemical fertilizers and increasing their efficiency. The sown area of grain in areas administered by the city has reached 1.05 million mu (70,000 hectares), while the total area given over to the cultivation of cash crops has reached 300,000 mu.

A total of 50 key industrial projects have been included in the provincial industrial supply chain project library, with six projects included in the provincial enterprise technology innovation promotion plan.

In the first half of the year, the city's social electricity consumption increased by 6.64 percent, the second fastest growth rate in the province.

Moreover, eight businesses were identified as provincial-level enterprises for being "professional, elaborate, distinctive and modern”.

During H1, the city received a total of 1.49 million tourists and generated tourism income of 1.72 billion yuan ($249 million).

From January to July, 81.8 percent of the city's projects with a value of 50 million yuan started or resumed construction, while such projects as the new Jingyu Nongfu Spring facility were completed and started operating.

A total of 10 online business matchmaking meetings were held and 79 projects were signed. In the first half, funds in place for projects included in the provincial contracted project scheduling system increased by 83 percent year-on-year, ranking the city number one in the province.