Tonghua a city aiming for targeted investment

Updated: April 16, 2021

Tonghua city has signed seven projects, such as the Genseida Agricultural Industrial Park, this year. Four projects, including the medical and biological products manufacturing line, have entered preliminary approval procedures.

It will make good preparations for the 13th China-Northeast Asia Expo  and Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention, which will center on the regions around the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta to invite investment in an all-round way, and strive to sign a number of large projects through the effective use of local business activities.

Tonghua will continue to consolidate and expand cooperation with coastal areas, carry out all-round and multi-field cooperation and exchanges with chambers of commerce in coastal areas, and enhance coordinated, efficient and complementary investment to achieve mutually-beneficial results.

To further optimize its business environment, the city highlights that the details for key investment projects can be negotiated specifically. The construction of a glass production line, the traditional Chinese medicinal materials industrial park, the Genseida modern agricultural industrial park, the Taiwu tourist resort town, and other projects have been accelerated, with enhanced efforts to start the construction of new projects as early as possible.

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