Siping secures a bumper autumn harvest

Updated: October 22, 2020

Siping city in Northeast China's Jilin province has harvested 6.21 million mu (about 414,000 hectares) of grain crops, with corn and rice as the staple, accounting for 71 percent of the total grain crop area, according to the data from Oct 15. The city-wide autumn harvest is expected to end in late October.

A total of 98.15 million yuan ($15.14 million) of agricultural machinery and modified equipment subsidies has been offered for this autumn's harvest, and more than 7,700 combine harvesters and 30,000 tractors have been put into service.


A harvester works in the paddy fields. [Photo/]


Experts and officers of the government agricultural department check the crop's condition. [Photo/]


A high-speed train passes over the golden fields. [Photo/]


Farmers work in the fields from the first faint rays of dawn. [Photo/]


Local people celebrate a bumper harvest of chili peppers. [Photo/]

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