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    Snow turns Changchun into winter wonderland

    Updated: November 9, 2021

    With temperatures plummeting, snowfall has turned Changchun city into a winter wonderland.

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    Original Changchun dance performance wins Lotus Award

    Updated: November 5, 2021

    A dance performance created and performed by Changchun Humanities and Science College won the folk dance competition at the 13th Lotus Awards on Nov 4.

  • Peony flowers burst into bloom in Changchun

    Updated: May 13, 2021

    The first blossoms recently emerged in the Peony Garden of Changchun, capital city of Northeast China's Jilin province, harbingers of a full blossoming and of a big visual treat for local residents.

  • Cats on parade in Changchun

    Updated: April 20, 2021

    A cat competition was held in Changchun, Jilin province, on April 18, attracting hundreds of cats and many species from across the country.