Changbai Mountains South Scenic Area reopens to tourists

Updated: July 18, 2022

After a long and anticipated wait, the Changbai Mountains South Scenic Area will officially reopen on July 16, according to local media reports.

The Changbai Mountains – located in Northeast China's Jilin province – have three scenic areas: namely, the north, west and south areas. The north and west scenic areas are open to tourists all year round, while the south scenic area is open for around five months every year due to the influence of the climate and environment.

The Changbai Mountains South Scenic Area is the closest to Tianchi – or the Heavenly Lake – a spectacular geological feature located in the crater of the erstwhile volcanic mountain.

On opening, the daily reception limit of the scenic spot will be 1,000 people and the daily entry times will be 8:30-12:30. Tickets will be sold via online real-name and time-scheduled reservations.


The terrains surrounding Tianchi – on the southern slopes of the Changbai Mountains – are spectacular, and the wild flowers and plants form a natural garden in summer. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


The Yuehua Waterfall located on the southern slopes of the Changbai Mountains form a two-tiered waterfall. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


The Yalu River Grand Canyon is more than 10 kilometers long, more than 200 meters wide and 170 m deep. The cliffs on both sides and the extraordinary peaks and rocks in the middle have formed wonderful striations over hundreds of years of wind and rain erosion. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


A carbonized example of woods shows how trees grew in ancient times. This is the only big area to show such things in the Changbai Mountains. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]

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