Enchanting Changbai Mountain stays cool in summer

Updated: July 8, 2022


Summer flowers bloom on Changbai Mountain, located in Northeast China's Jilin province. Beginning in July, all kinds of wildflowers on the high slopes of Changbai Mountain start blooming. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


Tianchi, or Heavenly Lake, is located in the crater of Changbai Mountain, a dormant volcano. Tianchi had been frozen for more than 200 days before it began thawing recently. The Changbai Mountain range, located in Northeast China's Jilin province, is a national 5A scenic area that is listed in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve Program and is also an international A-level nature reserve. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


The meadows are densely covered with summer flowers, creating a glorious view. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


A field full of fragrant irises sits on the west slope of Changbai Mountain. At an elevation of 1,500 meters and affected by its altitude, climate and soil, a 10-hectare wonderland bursting with irises is formed. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


A waterfall on Changbai Mountain, surrounded by lush greenery. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


A starry sky above Changbai Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]

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