Taste of Changbai Mountain

Updated: August 31, 2021

The food culture of Changbai Mountain is distinctive. Not only does it have authentic Northeast China cuisine, but it also embraces Korean-style flavors, and foods with characteristic Manchu sticky taste.


Pork Stew was originally a stewed dish eaten in the rural areas of Northeast China at the end of the lunar year, when pigs were killed for the coming New Year. In the past, people did not have the luxury of using specific ingredients and spices, so they just cut the pork from a freshly killed pig and put it into a stew pan. Then they added water, salt and diced pickles to the pan while the pork was cooked.

After the pork became tender and the pickles were cooked through, they poured processed blood sausage into the pan. When serving the dish, there was a plate of pork, a plate of pickles and a plate of blood sausage. Sometimes, the three would be put onto one plate. Nowadays, pork stew is a common dish in many places in the Northeast, and is a major feature of local cuisine.


Some hot springs are often used by local people to bathe, and, if the water is hot enough, are often used to boil eggs. Authentic hot spring eggs can only be made in hot springs with high temperatures.

A hot spring egg has a melting yolk and soft egg white, in short, a half-cooked "dippy" egg. The egg whites are as smooth and tender as mutton fat.

Besides boiling eggs, the hot springs are of different shapes, colors and fragrance, and the temperature of the springs range from 85 to 95 degrees.

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