Visiting Changbai Mountain in winter

Updated: November 10, 2020

As the snow season approaches, more and more people are visiting Jilin's Changbai Mountain Scenic Area.

It needs to be mentioned that only the north and west slopes of Changbai Mountain are opened in winter; the south slope is closed. The highway to the north slope provides convenience to tourists, giving them opportunities to see Tianchi Lake, hot springs and rime, a special type of frost resembling granular tufts of ice that occurs in specific climatic conditions.

After entering the mountain gate on the north slope, tourists must take the shuttle bus to the transfer point and transfer to an off-road vehicle. After this, the view on the journey is much better. The first thing to pass is the birch tree area. If possible, it is better to sit in the front seat, because the view is wider, and better for shooting pictures and recording videos.

The off-road vehicle can drive all the way to the top of the mountain, only about one or two hundred meters away from Tianchi Lake. The rich scenery of the Tianchi Waterfall is also the focus of shooting. Visitors must walk to reach the waterfall, where they can see the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

If lacking physical strength, people can take a snowmobile one way down or up, so that they won't miss much of the stunning surroundings.

A short walk along the steps is the hot spring area, where rime appears when it's cold.

With convenient accommodation and transportation around the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, it is an excellent winter tourist destination.

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