Siping launches innovative financing platform

Updated: November 2, 2021

Siping in Jilin province launched an innovative financing service application platform in early September this year.

Through the financing platform, 16 projects with financing needs of more than 50 million yuan ($7.82 million) were listed on the platform, while seven have been already been approved and two have completed financing worth a total of 212 million yuan. The services provided by the platform have been well-received by project companies as well as banking and financial institutions. 

The platform, which is maintained by project centers at both the city and county levels, provides up-to-date information on projects with financing needs to banks and financial institutions. Presidents of banks and financial institutions can check, approve and assign financing projects at any time through mobile phones or computers. Bank officers carry out door-to-door docking services and offer feedback to the platform and project companies until the financing is completed. 

The financing platform is the first of its kind in Jilin province, offering a 24-hour banking and enterprise docking service platform, realizing full-time information sharing, and improving the service level of project financing.