Erdaobaihe town dons rich coat of autumn colors

Updated: October 8, 2022


Erdaobaihe Town, located at the foot of the north slope of the Changbai Mountains in Northeast China's Jilin province, has now taken on a vivid autumn look. The town is known as an ideal place to experience a slower pace of life. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


Bicycle paths and walking paths in the town connect various green open spaces and major attractions, traditional villages, as well as residential communities and business districts. The town has built a 365-kilometer comprehensive recreational system around the Changbai Mountains area, featuring bicycling and hiking facilities, among others. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


A bird's-eye view of the Beauty Pine Air Lounge Bridge Park in Erdaobaihe town. The park covers an area of 4.6 hectares, with a 346-meter-long suspended glass walkway and a 23.7-meter-high glass viewing platform. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


Located in Northeast China's Jilin province, the Changbaishan Folk Museum presents local history and the region's folk culture. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]

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