Best fall photo spots picked for Changbai Mountains

Updated: August 30, 2022

The breathtaking Changbai Mountain range – located in Northeast China's Jilin province – is a national 5A scenic area that is listed in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve Program and is also an international A-level nature reserve.

The scenic area, now starting to add some ravishing autumn colors, recently selected its top photo spots for the season for visitors.


The leaves of the trees in the Changbai Mountains are changing, taking on a delicate fall hue. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


Tianchi – also known as the Heavenly Lake – is softly bathed in sunlight. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


The awesome Heavenly Lake, in the Changbai Mountains, never fails to enthrall photographers and visitors. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


The colors of the leaves throughout Erdaobaihe town, lying at the foot of the Changbai Mountains, are now turning autumnal. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]


Residents, taking a gentle stroll in Erdaobaihe town, look at the mist covering the water. [Photo/WeChat account of Changbaishan Wenlyu]

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