Club Med Changbaishan opens for business

Updated: January 28, 2022

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The new Club Med Changbaishan sits in the heart of the Changbaishan Luneng Resort in Northeast China's Jilin province. Located in the Changbaishan Biosphere Nature reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site, it is Club Med's first forest hot springs resort in China. [Photo/Baishan Release]

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The main restaurant of the resort, Tianchi Restaurant, has a large and very comfortable dining environment where tourists can enjoy local specialties. [Photo/Baishan Release]

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The Club Med Changbaishan provides brightly decorated spaces for parent-child activities. [Photo/Baishan Release]

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Club Med guests can enjoy thrilling winter sports in the Changbaishan Luneng Resort. The powder snow at the Changbai Mountains is said to offer great skiing and snowboarding experiences for both beginners and experts. [Photo/Baishan Release]

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Tourists hit the slopes in the Changbaishan Luneng Resort. [Photo/Baishan Release]

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