Pear blossoms in full bloom in Yanbian, Jilin province

Updated: May 19, 2023

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A woman dressed in traditional Korean attire poses for photos next to white pear blossoms in Shuangxin village of Hunchun city in Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture, Northeast China's Jilin province. The pear orchards in Yanbian have welcomed their annual bloom, painting a dreamlike landscape with a refreshing fragrance lingering in the air. [Photo/Wangqing County Photographers Association]

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Women dressed in Korean costumes pose for pictures with pear blossoms in Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture, Jilin province. The pears have reached their prime blossoming period, carpeting the orchard in a sea of sparkling white flowers. [Photo/Wangqing County Photographers Association]

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Sunlight reflects off the flowers, creating a shimmering sea of silver and offering visitors an immersive experience in nature. [Photo/Wangqing County Photographers Association]

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Pear blossoms are now in bloom in Yanbian prefecture, Jilin province. The pristine flowers sway gently in the spring breeze, covering the twisted branches with their delicate petals. [Photo/Wangqing County Photographers Association]

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A man practices the Farmers' Dance of a Korean ethnic group. The art form was inscribed in 2009 on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. [Photo/Wangqing County Photographers Association]

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Performers stage the Farmers' Dance of a Korean ethnic group. [Photo/Wangqing County Photographers Association]