Electricity supply facilitates economic revitalization in Jilin

(gojilin.gov.cn) Updated: March 21, 2024


A State Grid Baishan Power Supply Co staff member conducts on-site testing and maintenance on power equipment during the opening ceremony of the first Songhua River Ice Skating Marathon Challenge, Jan 30. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

On March 7, State Grid Jilin Power Co released a province-wide ice and snow economy "portrait" based on electricity big data: During the 2023-24 snow season, electricity consumption by key players in the ice and snow economy increased by 27.86 percent year-on-year.

Specifically, Changchun, Yanbian, and Jilin saw increases of 32.69 percent, 28.08 percent, and 26.96 percent, respectively. This demonstrates the significant role of the winter season in stimulating economic vitality in Northeast China's Jilin province.


Staff members use drones to inspect the power transmission lines that supply electricity to Baishan Changbaishan Airport. [Photo provided to gojilin.gov.cn]

The data indicates a tremendous surge in the ice and snow consumption province-wide, with an increasing number of tourists showing interest in Jilin's ice and snow offerings. This has effectively driven Jilin's rapid economic development.

In recent years, State Grid Jilin Power Co has tailored various supporting electricity supply services to empower new "Ice and Snow +" formats, thus accelerating the growth and upgrading of the ice and snow economy. By focusing on Jilin's 1-trillion-yuan ($138.92 billion) level tourism industry development goal, the analysis covers ice and snow sports venues, resorts, surrounding service facilities, urban ice and snow tourism sites, and ice and snow equipment-related enterprises. By monitoring the production scale of electricity data, insights into the operation of the ice and snow sector can be uncovered.