Jilin province unveils action plan to optimize business environment

(gojilin.gov.cn) Updated: February 20, 2024

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A press conference is held on Feb 18 to explain the action plan. [Photo/Jilin Provincial Government]

The Jilin provincial government recently issued a key action plan for optimizing its business environment.

The plan is centered on prioritizing the experiences of business entities. It emphasizes proactive services, aiming for business entities to feel empowered and not reliant on external influences. The plan also focuses on standardizing administrative law enforcement to ensure minimal interference.

To address efficiency issue in government-business communication, the plan introduces eight measures, including direct channels for addressing business concerns and efficient communication methods regarding private enterprises. This showcases Jilin's supportive and dedicated stance towards businesses.

Furthermore, the plan emphasizes comprehensive and seamless services throughout the entire business lifecycle, aiming to enhance convenience for business entities.

The plan also reinforces measures to guarantee an optimized business environment.

Firstly, it establishes a collaborative framework among various localities and departments to continuously enhance the business environment. Secondly, it employs digital means to monitor the optimization of the business environment in real-time, promptly address the demands of enterprises and the public through big data analysis, as well as introduces more incentivizing policies. Thirdly, it focuses on the specialized rectification of industry supervision issues, aiming to identify and address problems affecting the business environment through inspections and timely intervention by relevant departments.