Harvest season begins in Jilin's Tonghua city

Updated: October 19, 2021


Dongchang district of Tonghua city is developing a characteristic agriculture and leisure rural tourism industry, speeding up the construction of a characteristic agricultural products production base, increasing farmer incomes, and realizing rural economic development. [Photo/tonghua.gov.cn]


Paddy fields in the Xijiangyue Pastoral Complex Base in Xijiang town, Tonghua [Photo/tonghua.gov.cn]


Each year, the rich colors of the harvest bring a sense of renewal and continuity to Tonghua, Jilin. [Photo/tonghua.gov.cn]


In 2021, the total sown area of crops in Huinan county was 1.13 million mu (75,300 hectares). Among which, 643,600 mu was corn, 468,000 mu was rice, and 19,600 mu were other crops such as beans and potatoes. [Photo/tonghua.gov.cn]


Farmers in Qianwan village hold a basket of apples. [Photo/tonghua.gov.cn]